News Release: February 17, 2019

Destination Achievers Incorporated awarded $220 food donation to a family in need of food and other necessities in the state of Maryland. DA understand that many are suffering with the impact of the government shutdown and wants to assist. It is our mission to help reduce the risk of homelessness or unemployment.

Tiffany Harley and her 5-year old son lives in Hyattsville, MD. Tiffany has been ill and unemployed for quite some time and have been receiving support for the state and local churches.

DA purchased approximately 10 bags of groceries including necessities for washing clothes and other items for the family.

Upon arriving at her home, she expressed how grateful she is and that this is the most food she ever received at one time. In addition to the food donation, DA is in the process of helping Tiffany get back on her feet by helping her find employment!

Food donations will be award to a family in the Detroit, Michigan area this week.  Thanks to the help of local churches and other non-profit organizations, we will make a difference.