A donation towards our programs and campaigns goes a long way in supporting individuals and families who need our services and assistance. Your partnership makes it possible for us to continue provide needed services.

Your Gift Allows Us to Do MORE!

Your Generosity Makes all the Difference in the World.

We will use your donation where it is needed most to support our our clients. For every $50 received, we can provide career development services for 15-20 students.

For every $100.00 donation received, we can provide specialized services to disabled persons, disadvantaged, or low-income individuals / families.

For every $25.00 received, we can continue to provide ongoing mentoring services that will build self-confidence and improve good decision-making skills.

We are also accept donations via AmazonSmile.

Fundraising Campaigns

  1. Adult/Youth Career Development

    The average poverty rate is a little over 13% in Maryland and DC and we are in need of your help. Our workshops teach our students how to obtain a job quickly, and to stay on the job when things get tough. We also help them with free resume/cover letter assistance, business acumen skills and interviewing skills. Supporters like you, help our core programs, by reducing the unemployment rate, your contribution makes a direct impact on improving the lives of youth and adults.
    $100.00 donated
  2. veterans

    Veterans Outreach Program

    The Veterans Outreach Program is to help provide resources and education to veterans and their spouses about the necessity of health/wellness, career, and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to provide positive reinforcement on how to manage life challenges related to transitioning from military to civilian life, and how to pursue and obtain lucrative career or entrepreneurship opportunities. We thank you, in advance, as your contribution will help lots of veterans meet their career goals.
    $600.00 donated
  1. Food Drive and Personal Needs Campaign

    Destination Achievers Incorporated is striving to ensure that individuals and families in the Maryland and Washington, DC area do not go without food and necessities. Our Food Drive and Fundraiser Campaign is actively seeking donations to purchase food and personal necessities for those in need. Food purchases include: fresh vegetable, fruit, canned goods, and other non-perishable items, All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
    $0.00 donated
  2. Back to School Bookbags Campaign

    We are BIG on EDUCATION! There are many families who are unable to purchase needed school supplies and book bags for young kids each year. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that this is not a problem for most. Your donation will help us provide additional school supplies and backpacks to school students in 2020. Help us reach our goals by making a donation today. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
    $185.00 donated

  1. grant a bill

    Grant a Bill Wish Campaign

    Many times we run into a situation where we cannot pay a bill. And we ask ourselves. "Where can I get the money to pay this bill to keep the lights on, buy some food, get my child some diapers, or even pay my rent so I won't get evicted " We all recognize this dark time in our lives. The purpose of the Grant a Bill Wish Campaign is to help provide emergency funds during periods of long-term unemployment and the prevention of homelessness. These funds are used to help pay for the below items. * Day Care Expenses * Groceries and Personal Items * Emergency Rental Assistance * Utility Bill, e.g. water, gas, electric * Annual Thanksgiving Baskets * Annual Christmas toys for kids 7 and younger * Emergency bus fare to be used for job interviews or getting to work and other small line items. Grant a Bill awards are granted based on fund availability. Recipients of these funds must show proof of need and attend 3 mentoring sessions and/or career workshops. We thank you in advance for your generous donation towards this campaign
    $0.00 donated
  2. Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving Food Drive and Fundraiser

    Everyone has experienced a tough time during the holidays. However, we are here to help. Please consider making a donation to our 2019 Thanksgiving Food Drive and Fundraiser. On November 23rd, we will be donating 23 Thanksgiving Baskets with personal necessities to help those in need through tough times during this holiday season. Thanks to your generous donation, we were able to fill baskets with food to feed a family of 4 as well as provide personal items. However, more are in need and we don't need to wait for Thanksgiving to come around again. Thanksgiving is anytime we can help someone. We continue to serve the community with food donations as they become available. So help us so we can help others. Monetary donations made in the below form. We thank you in advance for your generous donation! All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
    $250.00 donated