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Many times we run into a situation where we cannot pay a bill. And we ask ourselves. "Where can I get the money to pay this bill to keep the lights on, buy some food, get my child some diapers, or even pay my rent so I won't get evicted " We all recognize this dark time in our lives. The purpose of the Grant a Bill Wish Campaign is to help provide emergency funds during periods of long-term unemployment and the prevention of homelessness. These funds are used to help pay for the below items. * Day Care Expenses * Groceries and Personal Items * Emergency Rental Assistance * Utility Bill, e.g. water, gas, electric * Annual Thanksgiving Baskets * Annual Christmas toys for kids 7 and younger * Emergency bus fare to be used for job interviews or getting to work and other small line items. Grant a Bill awards are granted based on fund availability. Recipients of these funds must show proof of need and attend 3 mentoring sessions and/or career workshops. We thank you in advance for your generous donation towards this campaign
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