Destination Achievers Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provide educational outreach programs for the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Detroit, Michigan communities.  Our primary services include but not limited to:

Adult/Youth Career Development Services

Do not be left behind! We can help you gain the knowledge needed to advance your skills to the next level. Our Career Enrichment Program helps our students learn how to develop their  professional skills so they can prepare for a new career, career transition, or return to the workforce. This program is perfect for youth, young adults and adults of all ages, no matter the status of employment.

Senior Workforce Re-Entry and Skills Training

We are here to help seniors ages 50 and older who are unemployed or retired and need an opportunity for career, soft skills training and workforce re-entry employment. Individuals are given a training assignment that most closely matches their personal goals for employment. 

At-Risk Males Prevention and Mentoring Services

Our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of youth and young adults who are, or at risk of being bullied, suffering from depression, anxiety, or suicidal tendencies. Particularly for  young males, they are at greater risk of being in a harmful situation.  Our 10-week program will raise awareness to identify harmful behaviors and provide our students with methods in which to prevent harm to themselves and others. 

Job Retention Program

Nothing is more important than making sure our students are able to obtain and retain their employment. This program teaches interview and business acumen skills long with leadership training designed to promote productivity in the workplace. This program is perfect for high school graduates, college students and adults of all ages.

Leadership Training for College Students

We are working to increase the number of women in leadership positions. Our program is designed to help you with the challenges of being a first-generation female undergraduate college student. This learning program will teach you how to set S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals and find your leadership voice so you can tap into your full potential. 


Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals by providing programs designed to help them overcome obstacles and navigate them towards building a successful and measurable plan that will achieve their educational and employment goals. This will result in our clients having a more sustainable and better quality of life. Our Vision as the leader and driving force is to help our clients realize their full potential. We empower them to positively achieve their personal and professional goals, and teach them how to leverage critical thinking and decision-making skills that will lead to a successful future.


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